Environmental Engineering Consultancy and Development


"Environmental engineering in the hands of your business"

Environmental Engineering Consultancy and Development

The global modern economy consumes many resources and grows in favor of a high standard of living. The markets are driven by economic forces, but environment protection is a regulatory obligation, as well as a commitment to future generations. For every economic activity, processes can be adapted to utilize optimal resources and to prevent pollution. This is the role of environmental engineering – to balance economic and regulatory forces with the environment, by sustainable resources utilization, recycling, nuisance treatment and technological innovation.

Environmental engineering is the technological field for environmental protection.

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Engineer Ilan Katz brings with him a combination of knowledge, R&D and field work experience, that enable him to provide effective consulting services for the benefit of the business and the environment.

The core of Ilan’s consulting services is process engineering in the environmental field. The services include process planning, operational control, efficiency enhancement, and environmental reporting. Ilan provides also technological and business consulting for environmental initiatives.

Consulting and development are based on over two decades of environmental engineering work, focusing on water, wastewater and solid waste treatment. Among the previous project are: water treatment, desalination and water quality. Urban and industrial wastewater – aerobic and anaerobic facilities, membrane separation, extensive treatment (wetland), river rehabilitation, MSW separation and recycling, anaerobic treatment and composting.

Environmental Engineering Services

The services include all stages of environmental process engineering, in various fields:

  • Sewage and waste surveys
  • Conceptual planning and process planning – PFD, P&ID
  • Process facilities – reactors design, equipment specifications, and alternatives evaluation
  • Design of control systems – architecture, equipment
  • Work procedures for environmental facilities
  • Project management – construction and commissioning
  • Regulatory environmental support – monitoring & report, including PRTR
  • Operation enhancement – performance analysis, operational efficiency
  • Market surveys and competitors
  • Research and development in environmental engineering
  • Technological entrepreneurship

Experience & Projects

Solid waste & sludge:

  • Municipal solid waste recycling: separation, anaerobic digestion, biogas & electricity production – process planning and monitoring (Arrow ecology and engineering).
  • Anaerobic treatment of mixed urban waste – construction and Commissioning (Arrow Ecology, Hiriya).
  • Sludge compost treatment. Composting and agricultural study.
  • MSW treatment  –


  • Sewage desalination pilot plant – planning, construction and operation (Technion Research and Development Institute, Nir Etzion sewage treatment plant).
  • Well water – nitrate removal – ions exchange and biological regeneration – construction, planning and monitoring. (The Technion Institute for Research and Development).
  • Fouling Prevention – membranes and irrigation systems (Technion Research and Development Institute).
  • Water recycling in greenhouses and detach growth (Technion Institute for Research and Development).
  • River Water quality standard – (Kishon River Authority).
  • River water – online monitoring station (the Kishon River Authority).


  • MSW anaerobic digestion – planning, construction and commissioning (Arrow Ecology and Engineering).
  • Aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater – planning, construction and commissioning (Arrow Ecology and Engineering).
  • Gray water recycling in the private sector – constructed wetlands (Water Arc).
  • Membranal treatment process (RO, NF, UF) of wastewater for unlimited use (Technion Research and Development Institute).
  • Supervision of industrial pollution in the Kishon River.

Research and Regulation Consulting

  • Advisor to the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Agriculture in the fields of water and sewage.
  • Research: effluents membranal treatment, CEPT, sewage desalination, constructed wetlands, recycling greenhouses (Technion Research and Development Institute).
  • Bilateral R&D – industrial sludge composting (Arrow Ecology – AgroEco)
  • Israeli-Jordanian R&D in desalination
  • Member of the board of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Study of hardness enhancement process of desalinated water (Ministry of Health) 
  • H2OLL – a new propriety and innovative atmospheric moisture harvesting technology